Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall break, took a break

I decided that in lieu of working out today (planned upper body heavy lifting) that I would move that to Saturday. Or tomorrow, if it is raining, which is likely, and move C25K to Saturday. Whatever works.

Listening to my body, I felt TIRED. Not unexpected after four hard days! I worked out Sunday, too, but I didn't put that in here anywhere, I don't think. So, I decided to just do the planned yard work I had written down, take Anchovy in to get his teeth inspected, bake a cake, and make a big ol' southern chicken fry dinner. I could go to sleep right now, yup.

I'm hoping to get to run tomorrow. Maybe even if it's raining, I'll still run. I don't really have the appropriate clothing for that, though...hmm. Shopping time?

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