Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday, October 28

No workout for Thursday. It was Dinner and a Movie night at school! The kids had such a great time. One of the parents even made me take a phone picture with her for facebook.

I was dressed as Julia Child and I must say I did an awesome job. I had a blue button-down, black flared skirt, black pumps, black apron (folded the top down), fake pearls, and I folded a dishtowel into the apron. The best part was that I even made her gourmet school badge that she always wore and pinned that to my shirt. It was fabulous. I walked around saying "Bon Appetit!" for the entire evening. You should be proud; I avoided most desserts and just had a little brownie that was actually one of the ones I brought. I had one enchilada, some rice, and chips and salsa (it was all so good it was ridiculous). There were SO many desserts. I was worried we wouldn't have any!

So many students didn't get it. I was sad. *tear*

13 hour days usually mean I get a workout break. I was going to get up and run, but after that 13 hour day, and a disagreement with my husband, and the fact that it was 37 outside and the coldest I've run in was at least 10 degrees warmer than that, I just wasn't ready. I get done early today because I have to pick up Anchovy from the vet (teeth cleaning...he's going to HATE me after), so I will go for a run after I get home. I might take the dog with me. My legs should be pretty rested by that point, too.

So, that's the update. Weight's staying the same, which given what I've eaten this week (too much pasta) I'm not surprised. At least it isn't up. Anything is better than up. I did, however, get a compliment from a teacher. She said I looked thinner around my shoulders.

I'm not surprised. It's the first place to lean out on me. My freaking shoulders. But, I guess lean shoulders make for good pictures, at least from the bust up. Hahaha.

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