Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's over...

Fall Break is almost officially over. It went by far too fast. I'll just have to suck it up until Thanksgiving.

I love my job, but it is exhausting! People who gripe about kids or teachers being out of school too much should really try teaching. I know other jobs are exhausting, but nothing will wipe you more than working with students. Even college students. I remember once, my alma mater (my freshman year) decided there would be no fall break. Did the students revolt? No. We certainly complained but knew our complaints would fall on deaf ears. The collective faculty, as I understand it, made the administration realize that their decision was foolish, and fall break has been there ever since.

I haven't worked out yet today. If I do anything, it will be some Wii yoga. I haven't really tried it much and my body is pretty worn out! Otherwise, it will be a boring evening.

Speaking of boring...gotta go clean the kitchen and put a few things away. I need a cleaning fairy.

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