Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trying something new tomorrow

I've put together a calendar for the next month and a half, almost. I figure if my schedule is going to continue being as crazy as it is, then I'm just going to have to schedule my workouts.

If I have to schedule any more, I'll be scheduling my damned sex life. Gah. Does life ever slow down? Does work ever slow down? It just seems...busier...this year. I can't quite get a grip on it. I definitely can't get a grip on how fast it's all flying by!

My sister gave me a good shoulder massage today and helped work out some of the issues I've been having. I need to get some tennis balls so I can use those and the wall to work out my shoulder blade problem. Since fall break is coming up, I plan on scheduling a massage then, too, to fix this problem.

My foot hasn't been bothering me the last two days, which has been nice. I feel like I can actually work out, and the mornings are nice and cool, though dark...but, I'm going to take advantage of them. The time will change soon, anyway. I can always borrow H's reflective vest and I plan on staying in the neighborhood for awhile.

I have a lot planned in my head for fall break, mostly cleaning and yardwork that I just haven't felt like dealing with. I come home and I just crash. My days have been mentally exhausting.

I'm going to have to cut out the wine again. I noticed a couple of little welts that will become psoriasis if I don't cut it out. Damn. It's a trade, though. Itch or sobriety. What a crappy decision ;)

I'll reveal more of the calendar later. It's getting late (for me...when you wake up at 5:15, 9pm is bedtime!) and I have a family guy iPhone game to conquer.

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