Saturday, October 30, 2010

Well, that didn't happen

I took the dog out yesterday afternoon after I got home for my W2D3 run and after the first run segment, my body was screaming "NOOOOOOO!" at me so loudly, I ended up just walking the dog for half an hour. The vet also called me about Anchovy in the middle of that, so I would have had to have stopped, anyway.

I think that 13 hour day was more brutal than I thought. I have honor band auditions today (I hate if you have ONE kid auditioning, you still have to go judge!) until this afternoon but hopefully I'll be done in a timely enough manner that I can come home and run. It's not like judging is hard work. It is on the ears but that's it ;)

But, at least I got some sort of activity in yesterday. I also realized, right before dinner, that I had never had breakfast. I think that was part of the problem, too.

Yesterday morning was "parent breakfast" day. The parents bring us breakfast. There was a day when there would be tons to choose from; the economy has definitely hit our breakfasts. I had planned on eating, hoping there would be good yogurt, fruit, maybe some granola, or a potato thing...there was an egg thing (if you learn anything about me, then learn that I am very picky about eggs. Poached or scrambled only, and I really don't like how anyone else makes them besides me) that the smell of turned my stomach upon impact, English muffins but no jam, yogurt that was laced with aspartame (don't eat artificial sugar), fruit but the only thing that was left was cantaloupe (makes my throat itch and I don't really care for it), bagels (don't care for them at all), and some sort of mystery pastry. I reached for the mystery pastry and my god, the thing was heavy as lead. I took one bite and as the pastry reached my mouth, I think my pancreas started to quiver in fear of its upcoming task. That one bite let me know that I would have a migraine if I even attempted to eat just a quarter of that thing, so in the trash it went.

I had OJ.

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