Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snocation = Nocation

Yeah, I see any vacation days I have between the end of school and the start of summer classes drifting away with the snow.

Yes, the snow is pretty. Yes, I enjoyed my time off. No, I do not want to give up the "good" days in May when the weather would cooperate more and allow me to go and do things, like take a vacation. I realize my motives for not wanting snow are completely selfish, but I think that people who want more on top of the blizzard are also selfish.

After all the shoveling, my hip is hurting pretty bad. I went up to the school yesterday to help them dig out and I was pretty useless. I did have a snow fight with a couple of students. They were chasing me with shovels full of snow! I picked up a big ol' chunk of ice and we stood at a standoff for about 30 seconds before we both said truce.

When I turned to leave, one snowball whizzed by my head! One hit my car, too. I'll be getting that child back somehow. Revenge is a dish best served cold, though. Heh.

I didn't really do much during my snocation except drink, watch Netflix, and sleep. I kind of needed it. Last Monday was a game, impending blizzard, and yearbook deadline. I didn't need all that at once. I kept trying to keep myself calm, but when a few kids invaded my classroom where my yearbook staffers were working so they could practice their STUPID talent show dance, I lost it on them. Those three are on my list, and I will be having a conversation with the person in charge of the talent show. She should make it clear to the students that they can't practice just anywhere, and that includes my auditorium AND my classroom. Not unattended. Jerks.

Monday helped (even further) solidify my feelings that I am overextended at work. I will be having a conversation with my principal, as well, about losing a responsibility or two. I'm losing my joy for my job. I haven't even missed it this past week, and we're in the middle of contest season. I fear that I will want to become a stay at home wife and do nothing but clean all day. That's fine for some, but I'm not sure that I could do that and stay sane. But, at the rate I'm going, I'm not going to be able to continue my job this way and stay sane, either!

So, other than a lot of thinking, not much happened around here. We saw No Strings Attached yesterday and had a good laugh. I watched both Food Inc. and Supersize Me this week, too. Very enlightening. My Oklahoma Food Co-op membership is in my purse, with the check, ready to mail if I can just get my hands on a stamp!

So, that's the update. Going back to work tomorrow as far as I can tell. It's amazing how fast the snow has melted.

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