Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Welcome to Hell


I had typed all this information up and then I accidentally clicked on some weird part of Kevin's mouse that made me go back and it erased everything I had typed. Probably about 400 words.


Here we go again...

This blog is being created as a way to keep myself accountable to my 2010 goal: lose the weight I have put on in the last year and a half, and fit into the other 2/3 of the clothes in my closet. There are some other, more personal, reasons, but I don't know who's reading this yet and I'm not sure I want to share that information! I'm still healthy, I have no health problems, I'm still young, for Christ's sake. I just need to re-evaluate my priorities. I spent a lot of time focused on other aspects of my health and the physical was put to the side....far, far to the side. Like in Europe somewhere. So, it's time to get back.

I know how to workout properly, I know how to eat right. This won't be a blog where I say things like, "Gee, I learned how to properly perform a bicep curl today!" or "Golly, I didn't know that pork tenderloin was just as healthy as a skinless chicken breast!" No. Nor will I say things like butter is evil, or that I am going to do such-and-such diet or such-and-such workout plan. I trained with a personal trainer for three months. She kicked my ass repeatedly and I begged for more. It was pretty pathetic on my part how much I loved to be tortured. She even clipped my chin with a 10lb medicine ball and I LAUGHED. I still owe her for that.

To get started on my 2010 goal of wearing all the clothes in my closet, I joined a gym yesterday. It's this really nice, women's-only place with 24/7 access. It's squeaky clean, too...reminds me very much of the gym I was at downtown. I also bought some new workout clothes as an incentive. I also need to buy new sneakers since my sister's dog ate half of the ones I'm using now. Whoops. Luna must have been hungry that day.

So, this is the blog where I will put all of this information for people to cheer, jeer, sneer or do whatever it is that my journey will make them do.

A warning: This will most-likely not be a G-rated blog. Or really even PG or PG-13. If you know me in real life, you know I can have a pretty foul mouth. I will do my best to reign it in, but when I am so sore that I can barely move my fingers, you bet I'll say something offensive. You can comment on it. I'll probably read it, and not care.

Occasionally, I might share information that is not gym or food-related, such as work complaints/raves, home life, stories about my kittehs (and most likely pictures of them, too) and all that other stuff that happens.

The challenge: Since I don't know my starting weight, and I tend to get scale-obsessed, I'm not going to look at weight but size as an indicator of my success. I need to lose about three sizes to fit into everything in my closet. I have a particular emerald green button-down in mind (Harding green, whoop whoop) and some awesome pants from the Gap. Yes, the Gap. I would like to wear that shirt at concert in May, since it's a school color and all.

The subject of torture: Kelli, a 29 year old married woman with three cats who works way too much and makes way too little for what she does. She has teaching nightmares. She loves ice cream and Wii Mario. But most of all, she needs to love herself more (and Jose, if you ever end up reading this, I already know that the phrase "love herself" is going to make you giggle. Go right ahead.)

I will post today's workout after the fact. I'm going to go see It's Complicated with my sister first.

Peace out.

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