Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So, I was all gung-ho about starting my gym routine and whatnot, right?

Yeah...I was pretty sore on Sunday, and still pretty sore yesterday. I had hoped to strap on some shoes and at least go for a walk in the evening to loosen up my muscles since it was super hot and I knew that would feel good on my aching muscles. Sounds like a good plan, yes? Especially if I was well-hydrated.

I got home from class, a trip to the tire shop, and stopping by the school to pick up some scores and was home all of 5 seconds when I injured myself. It's a small injury, and it's not really an injury-injury...but, I was wearing flip-flops, and as I stopped by my desk to drop off the scores, I bumped my big toenail on the bottom of the desk, where there is a space between the desk and floor.

Ouch! I thought. I felt the nail, and there was a little sharp ridge there. I took the dog out to pee and came back in to cut it back.

That's when I saw the blood. Plenty of it, under the nail. I split that bad boy about 1/4 inch down, almost. The height difference between the two sides was GRABBABLE. If grabbable is a word. I went into the bathroom and removed the nail polish...and the remover got into the split and yowza, that stung!

I slapped a band-aid on it to protect it from sheets, but there's no way I can put on shoes, as I'm pretty sure I'll just rip the rest of my toenail off.

I wanted to do some hip hop abs today, as I could do that without shoes on the cushy carpet, but the damn thing actually hurts today, if I put weight on it wrong.

Of course this comes in the midst of the PMS Monster that can't get full. Sheesh.

In other news, I cannot focus on the Beethoven 3rd. The first movement is definitely stuck in my head....rather, the exposition of the 1st movement. The entire first movement is 695 measures long, in my score. So, I just keep hearing the same parts over and over. It's maddening.

To make it stop, I made brownies. It was a vain attempt at distraction. It lasted 5 minutes. I can at least say that I'm enjoying this week's more relaxed schedule. I almost have too much time to get work done, and feel myself procrastinating!

I'll get back on track. My muscles should be strong enough tomorrow to be able to at least work out at home, even if I can't put on shoes. H and I bought a stability ball, a 10lb medicine ball, some weight lifting gloves, and two adjustable-weight dumbbells that can be adjusted up to 30lbs each. I tried to talk him into the set that goes to 60lbs, but he didn't think we would need it. Seeing as I'm already rowing 20lbs, it won't take me long to need more, but we can buy more weights as we go. I also want a weighted bar--those are cool!

I should try and be productive, I guess. I've just lounged most of the afternoon. Lazy me.

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