Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Whoooooo I've been bad. Way too much alcohol, way too much bad things. I'm doing better as of yesterday. I'm retaining water like crazy, though, because I think I've been way dehydrated. I'm trying to drink down more water. I looked in the mirror and let my belly go and my god, you'd think I was 6 months pregnant. It wasn't like that yesterday! Maybe the snack I just had was salty, I don't know. But I was shocked and just walked away.

Getting back on track isn't so bad. Tomorrow night I might be going out to celebrate with some friends (they're taking the Bar) and Saturday night we have a wedding to go to, but I'm usually pretty good at weddings. Small piece of cake, couple of glasses of wine (if it's even offered, I don't think it will be at this wedding). Clothes still fit and that makes me happy. I was just shocked when I looked in the mirror!

Food today (so far)
B: Yogurt, strawberries, a little sugar, a few sliced almonds (I don't think they're good anymore)
L: Leftover cream cheese chicken (4oz), green beans, sliced tomato and a piece of dark chocolate (all in the bento)
S: Low-carb small tortilla with about a tsp of black beans, 2 oz of leftover taco meat, 1 slice reduced fat cheddar, and a little light sour cream
D: I have planned to have a small filet and zucchini on the grill

So, better. More fruits and veg. I need to get back on track like I was when school was in session. I was really just starting to see results!

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