Friday, July 9, 2010

Busy life

Sorry for the lack of posts. No, I haven't been eating as well as I should. I am cutting out alcohol as much as a grad student possibly can ;) I am trying to manage my stress but when I discovered Anchovy had tapeworms and I had to go spend even more money for medication (we're also taking care of his dermatitis, which I needed to do, poor guy) I started to flip out. Especially when Tolstoy spit his pill out so many times it just crumbled into nothing. I had to go spend $22 on ONE PILL for just him.

Extra never got her dose. She's wily.

I'm doing all right with my classes this summer, much better than last. I find them more useful, though teaching about first inversion triads has me stumped. I do that on Monday. Mostly the classes are just all of us teaching lessons and the teacher giving us feedback. Theory has two presentations per person, plus reading articles and reviewing them (and writing the occasional position paper) and we did a textbook review over six books. History is mostly just the presentations--four per person and there are 13 in the class. Wow! Those desks get mighty uncomfortable around 3pm.

So, most evenings I'm either worn out mentally and don't want to cook, H has been really busy at work, too, so one night was just a sandwich and soup.

I've been feeling kind of down this week. I had an online-run-in with some ladies on a board where I post and things got out of hand. I maintain my position on a lot of it, but I felt like either words were being put in my mouth or they were being twisted. Some good did come of it, though; I will be having cocktails with some of the ladies who don't think I'm unfit to teach very soon, and I am very much looking forward to it. I don't remember the number on my list, but making friends outside of work was one of my goals so perhaps I am on my way.

I did find my Mexican-food soul mate in my class. He cracks me up. He and I have to go for Mexican food sometime, even if it's just Bueno.

So yeah, that's really the update. It's raining a lot but the French drains were installed so we have escaped Mother Nature's wrath this time around. My flooring is supposed to come in next week so we can get that room finished (the paint job looks lovely, and I know the baseboards and floor are just going to make it a lovely room). Everything is really green outside which is great for this time of year, but it's a little nuts!

So, I'm off to the library for I don't know how many hours to research the information for the take-home final for history, my lesson topic for theory on Monday--first inversion triads--and my lesson topic for my next Theory teaching assignment--cadences. At least I'm meeting someone so I don't have to go it all alone. My next history teaching topic is Romantic period piano music. I think I'm going to do a compare/contrast between Chopin and Liszt.

I prefer Chopin.

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