Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So very, very close

Two more days of classes left and then I can move on with getting prepared for band camp, the school's new website launch and the training I have to go through for that, journalism lesson plans, and so forth. I'm getting the new floors installed in the cat room on Friday. I'm seeing my mom along with my sister and her new boyfriend on Sunday. Things are just moving along.

All I have left to do for classes is 1 essay on a take home final and a final paper for my theory class. I have to do my teaching presentation on American composition from 1950-present, but I'm so not concerned about it. It makes me laugh when I get comments like, "You're obviously comfortable teaching in front of the class." Well, I've been teaching for six years, I would hope so!

Anywho, no real updates. Just waiting for classes to be over so I can get back to my normal routine and have time to work out, eat healthy and all that. I'm loving my new lunch box but having a hard time resisting temptation on campus. But, two more days. Besides, my lunch tomorrow is yummy--leftover pot roast, skillet potatoes and carrots! Those potatoes were awesome.

Off to bed with me. Need to get my beauty (ha) sleep so I can somehow manage sitting in a poorly air conditioned classroom for 6 hours. It just makes me restless.

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