Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Validation ROCKS

Today, I had to teach a lesson about first inversion triads and the part writing that goes along with them. I'm not the best part-writer, and I wasn't even aware I was supposed to teach that until yesterday, so I threw some stuff together and literally flew by the seat of my pants through the lesson.

In the class, the students give us the positive feedback, we give ourselves as a reflection tool, and the teacher gets to say whatever he wants. We are supposed to give 30 minute lessons.

1. I hit the 30 minutes on the mark. He asked if I had practiced teaching the lesson and I admitted to not having even going through the material as I had given it, but that I teach 40-45 minute lessons on a daily basis and so I know about how much time that is.

2. The students said that it didn't feel at all like 30 minutes because the lesson was engaging, and that some of them for the first time finally understood part writing.

3. The teacher had nothing to say except that I did so well he didn't feel the need really to cover anything else (he usually takes everyone's lessons to a more graduate level) so he just moved onto another topic. Mine is the first lesson in which that has happened.

So, yeah. Validated that I am not so bad at this teaching thing ;)

If only the food were that good. I really thought the articles I was assigned to read this evening would take up the whole evening; but, here I am...blogging. I really enjoyed one of them so I completely devoured it.

Food for the day:
B: Same as yesterday
S: 5 or 6 yogurt pretzels
L: Leftover chicken and rice, bell peppers with ranch dip (low fat sour cream, dressing mix), strawberries and blueberries, 1 oz chocolate (I think it might actually be less than that but whatevs).
S: Tried to eat peanuts and they were groooooossssssss.
S: 1 medium coke from Sonic during happy hour (if I'm only drinking one a week then I'm doing well!)
D: Freddy's burger, some fries, a little sierra mist. Like I said, thought I'd be busy all evening. My bad.

I did check my weight this morning--same as it was when I left Insanity. Waist was back down to what it was during that time, too, and my hips.

I'm a little concerned by a nagging pain in my left shoulder blade, and I'm concerned that a previous pinched nerve injury is working back in again. I cannot afford to go to the chiropractor, not with the flooring and tuition issues. BLAH I say. BLAH.

Anywho, I'm in a good mood because that lesson just went way better than expected. I'm actually kind of enjoying the classes, too, though it is a long time sitting in those desks!!!

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