Sunday, January 9, 2011

This week's plan

This week shouldn't be too honor bands, no basketball games, no professional development trips. All of that is coming up in the near future, though! I have to miss four days of work this month. January is always crazy. The only thing I have this week is a prospective parent/student night at school Tuesday that I am planning on attending. It's good recruitment for me, I've done it a lot of times so I'm good with the tours. I like to help out where/when I can.

On the food plan this week:
White chicken chili, corn muffins
Chicken cacciatore (with some pasta for H)
Salmon croquettes, green beans
Salsa chicken, avocado/tomato salad
Baked lemon pork chops and brussels sprouts
Fun meal: Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans
One night is possibly a leftover night or sandwiches or something like that.

Lunches can be leftover chili or cacciatore.

I probably won't be able to run this week (and if it's going to be 8 outside, I don't really want to!) so I'm going to try some stretching and upper body weights. Things that don't use the hip flexor. I realized last night I've been slightly over-dosing on the ibuprofen. Evidently I'm not supposed to take more than 6 in a day, and I was taking 8. Not sure how much it's all even helping...I guess it's anti-inflammatory whether I feel pain relief or not.

The bathroom project is almost done. We need to find some wall art since the walls are so plain now. That paisley wallpaper made it impossible to decorate! I think I'll check out Ross or somewhere cheap. I also have a little more paint touch-up and cleaning to do, and we're still waiting on blinds. It's a tiny window. I love the light in there now. I can't wait until we can put the laminate flooring through other parts of the house because the cat room is the nicest-looking room (without furniture) in the house and we hardly even use it!

I've started planning what I want to grow in my gardens this spring and summer. I will need to buy some big pots, strawberry pots, and I have some other things around the house like baskets I'm going to use. I really want to do a better job at it all this year. I also want to grow more edibles, and will be doing a lot of that in pots. I think a big planter of lettuces sounds like a great idea!

No big plans for today except groceries, lunch with H, and some housework. It's too cold to do much else!

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