Sunday, January 2, 2011

Weekend absence

Please excuse my absence this weekend. A nice couple (band parents) came and remodeled our bathroom! They stopped by Friday to check it out and then worked a lot of yesterday and almost all of today. All that's left is little stuff--wall plates (on order), re-hang doors, and put up new blinds. And give the shower a good scrubbing because it looks grubby next to the sparkly-clean rest of the bathroom. It's so much brighter!

I wish I had before pictures, but it honestly was the place where paisley went to die: hunter green, navy, and burgundy paisley. So dark, so awful. The trim was a taupey-gray that was too dark for such a small space. It's all like new now!

I'm also still nursing that damn injury and my upper back is hurting quite a bit. I feel like I need H to pop it for me, and I will be bugging him very, very soon. Like as soon as I'm done with this blog posting.

Oh, and I will hopefully have time soon to type up the letter that the guy found in the attic while working on the ductwork and electrical: It's from the mid-late 80's (the mention of a Stevie Ray Vaughan tape gave it away) and talks about college, boys, small penises, and the Bible. Seriously. It's an interesting read. We have to wonder how in the hell it got up there! So, be looking for that relatively soon, dear readers. It's pretty fun.

Off to have some chili and watch 30 Rock Season 2.

Oh, and by the way, here's what I accomplished over break:

I finished week 5 of C25K
I organized 3 very disorganized closets
I watched both seasons of Dead Like Me, and the movie (unfortunately...the series was SO GOOD and they totally ruined it)
Cleaned a lot
Studied scores for band
Read some of an interesting book about food from about the 1800s through WWII in America
Saw my sister several times
Saw my in laws several times
Put pictures in frames in my office and the cat room (small projects are getting done!)
Tried several new recipes
Did a lot of research over various things
Stripped a lot of wallpaper
Made many trips to Home Depot
Bathroom was renovated

I think it was a productive break!

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