Saturday, May 7, 2011

Band banquet

I just had the most fun at a band banquet, of all things. I won't go into boring details, but suffice it to say the food was good, the performances were entertaining (to say the least, I almost peed my pants laughing at one point) and the awards were hilarious. And the turnout was really good, too!

Last night, I received my Master's hood. My university will be hearing from me, however, about the Master of Music vs. Master of Fine Arts debate. Sure, the music department might be part of the fine arts department; that does not mean that I have to wear the wrong damned hood. A Master of Music is a completely different degree. We have our own (pink) hood. I didn't run into any problems (aside from having to WRITE my Master of Music in on the card because they didn't give me the option of choosing what I have earned) but others ran into irate bookstore employees. The music faculty is p'd, and rightfully so. Why offer the program if you aren't going to to recognize it?

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