Sunday, May 1, 2011


Yeah, that's right. I went to prom. And it was adorable. I never went to prom in high school, for lots of reasons, but I think if our proms had been as fun as last night's, I would have found a way to go.

One of my students had a little drama. It's sad, and funny, and so teenage-high-school-girl drama it's ridiculous. Student and ex-boyfriend have same group of friends. Ex-boyfriend is bringing new girlfriend (who also used to be an ex, before student). Girlfriend gets a hold of Student's number, and texts her really awful things. Student is very upset by this. I tell her that I will be there, and to let me know if any drama goes down so I can intervene if necessary. Evidently, the night went off with only one hitch: Girlfriend meets Student for first time, asks, "Are you Student?" Student: "Yes." Girlfriend: "You're a cheap bitch." Student. "Okay."

What is that?!?!?!??! For the record, Student was on the dance floor, livin' it up and obviously having a great time. I was proud of her for brushing that off.

Onto other things. I think I'm going to re-join my old gym down the street. It really was a nice place, and was very clean. I think now that so much has calmed down with work (downhill slide!) and June looks to be one class or none, that I will have time to get in there and get some work done. It gets so hot here so fast (and muggy) once May hits and I don't always want to work out outside. I also think that the elliptical would be great for my hip. It has been feeling pretty good the last couple of days. It felt great yesterday walking around the arts festival, but I am so out of shape it's embarrassing. I got a free month coupon in the mail, so I might head over tomorrow and just sign up.

I think I'm also going to start posting what I eat every day, to get back to the "accountable" part of this accountability blog. And at the end of this month, I will again go through my 31 goals and see how I'm doing!

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