Monday, May 2, 2011

Here we go again...

This morning, I woke up sleepy after watching the news events unfold until late and listening to neighbors talk loudly in their yard and joined Weight Watchers.

That's right. Weight Watchers. Because I got on the scale this morning and realized that I am not watching my weight enough. They've re-done how the points work since I was a member last time, and I'm definitely going to go over today! Oh well. You get extra points for the week, anyway. You can also get activity points. Which brings me to my next point:

I re-joined my gym. It's for women, it's clean and fairly upscale, and I got a month free because they sent me a thing in the mail. I'm down with that. I think my hip can take some elliptical. It's less jarring than walking or running.

Hopefully, I'll start to feel a little better about myself when the clothes start fitting better. That's the plan. It's never good when you avoid the camera and miss out on memories because you don't like your fat face. So, here we go again with what I ate. It does help quite a bit to see it here and know that someone's reading it.

Today I ate:
B: Honey Bunches of Oats (1 cup), 8oz OJ, B vitamin and zinc
S: 1 oz Sharp Cheddar cheese
L: Leftover meatloaf, 1/2 cup leftover mashed potatoes, and about half a cup of roasted Brussels sprouts (they weren't very good--I think their time may be up!), 1 cup strawberries
S: 1 oz peanuts
S: 1 oatmeal cookie (I was really hungry today...damn cycle makes it worse)
D: PW's crispy yogurt chicken, roasted asparagus (made with co-op chicken thighs and co-op greek yogurt. Yum!)

Workout to be determined. I'm still pretty tired from not getting enough sleep, but I think I'll go later even if I just trudge through the workout. Better than nothing, I suppose.

I don't know why but I feel very Eeyore-ish today. Very ho-hum. I should be excited, and I am, inside, but I just can't seem to get that to translate into this. Maybe tomorrow I will be more energetic.

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