Sunday, August 15, 2010

Feelin' the groove

So.....after watching the Step up 3 movie, I feel inspired to find adult dance classes, and it turns out there are quite a few in OKC! I found a few Adult Hip Hop classes that I'm definitely interested in. An old friend suggested ZUMBA and it turns out, there are lots of places you can take the class and there's no membership fee. It's just $5 or $6 dollars a class. That's it. No obligation. I even found a Sunday night class.

The adult dance classes would require more of a commitment, as they cost more. And one of them, as I found out, is taught by H's cousin 0_o. I'm not sure how I feel about family members seeing my "moves."

I took ballet, tap, jazz, and pointe for many years. Ballet and tap for 12 years, in fact. But, I was never a great dancer. I think I would do okay with hip hop, as I do pick up steps fairly quickly (I could even do the Soldja Boy at one time) but I'm not very flexible! I doubt that an adult class would require all that much in the way of flexibility. I kind of would like to sit in before making a more permanent financial decision.

I've been bad this weekend with the wine; however, I have realized that food-wise, my meals are getting smaller. I was stuffed after a 5oz chicken breast and a cup or so of steamed broccoli last night. After lunch (El Chico...meh...we couldn't make a decision) I was really stuffed, and I only ate half of what was on my plate and I only ate two bites of the steamed beans.

I think I need to set a weight number goal to get myself really going on this, though. This whole, "let's see how the pants fit today" just isn't working. I think I want to say, "I'll be in the 170's by September 15." That sounds both reasonable and challenging.

I also need to only weigh once a week. I'm going to pick Wednesday because I'm usually best in the middle of the week. While that sounds like cheating, I don't think it is.

Okay, so that's the goal. If I can get into the 170's by September 15, then maybe by my birthday I'll be getting closer to fitting into all my clothes. I'm feeling the time crunch and I'm feeling inspired so I'm going to try and go with this feeling. I spend way too much time watching tv and playing on the computer, and if $5 will get me out the door and active, then that's fine.

Guess I need to start sneaker-shopping. Geez. I wish my card was paid off so I wouldn't feel guilty about buying stuff! Stupid tuition and floors!

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