Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The great debate I go into work today, or not? What I really need to do is organize the band office (it's a total mess after band camp) but I can't seem to drag myself back there to do it. Instead, I'm sitting here, blogging and drinking a mixed-berry yogurt smoothie with almonds.

You should try almonds in your smoothies.

I'm sure I'll go in. I thought my meeting was yesterday afternoon but it's today. I've been a day ahead in my mind for several days now. Luckily, I realized what day it was about 9:00am yesterday so I didn't go out of my way to be disappointed.

I'm so ready for school to start. My newspaper editor was up at the school yesterday after early cross country training and she hung out for awhile. We talked, discussed how she broke up with her boyfriend (and frankly, I don't blame her one bit!) and laid out some plans for articles once school starts. I provided her with a copy of a super-liberal paper from here in OKC (really, it's a hoot) and she got some laughs from it. It was nice having company, but she was good about letting me do my work while she flipped through that paper and through all the new stuff I have for them this year. When I discovered a mistake on their syllabus, and couldn't find the online copy (because it's here, on my home computer) she even offered to re-type the whole thing for me. Sweet kid. I told her no ;)

I saw some of the newbs, too. It was "new" new teacher training, as in, they've never taught before. Laudy, help them. I caught one trying to figure out the water fountain. It's a tricky device; it's either light, motion, or heat sensored but I'm not sure. Most likely light. You sometimes have to do a little shimmy to get it to turn on. I usually just lightly rest my hand in front of the two dots and it works for me. She was trying everything she could think of, and as I walked by I told her to do the "stanky leg" (remember that dance from a year or two ago?) and my joke was lost. She looked so helpless. I told her my trick and it worked. Then I told her to watch when the freshmen try and figure it out on the first day because it's HILARIOUS. She didn't seem to get the joke.

Poor, poor thing. I told the student in my classroom and she got a good laugh, because she's been there (and so have I). She said she couldn't wait to try and sell the freshmen "Elevator Passes." Some unwitting freshmen invariably believe that all those stairs can't be real, and that there must be an elevator in the building somewhere. That's where the upper classmen come in with the Elevator Passes. I think it's hilarious. If that's the worst our kids are going to do, bring it on.

I haven't worked out this morning. My legs are still so tight, and my chest. Yesterday I enjoyed my 3-mile walk, but I got a blister (time for new shoes?) so that's a bit sore. Both H and I were feeling pretty tired, so we called it a break day. I might try one of the OnDemand Yoga shows when I get back this afternoon. The stretching would certainly help.

Here's food from yesterday:
B: Egg scrambled with green onions and topped with shredded mozz, 1 piece bread (gah) with blackberry jam. OJ.
L: Same chicken as the day before, leftover asparagus, red pepper strips, and grapes.
S: Smoothie, like the morning before.
S2: Pepperoni "chips": turkey pepperoni in the oven until crispy, dipped in lowfat sour cream (old Atkins snack habits die hard...but so tasty)
D: "Taco" spiced chicken, avocado and tomato salad
DS: Grapes

W/O: 2.9 mile walk, mostly with the dog.

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