Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ups and Downs

Wow, work is DRAINING. The building is hot (especially the band room), co-workers are demanding, and the work load at the beginning of the year is staggering. I haven't even looked at tests my journalism kids took yesterday. I don't know when I'll get to grade them.

I have this policy of not bringing work home. I'll do computer research, send emails/make phone calls, but I don't bring actual, physical work home. I find it never makes its way back to the school; plus, I like a little separation.

This morning, I was able to experience just what new low voices would do for my band. 2 tubas instead of one, plus the introduction of a tenor and bari sax have done wonders. When we finished the national anthem (last time through), my very picky, cynical, and pessimistic first chair clarinet player said, "Damn! That was GOOD!" I couldn't help but laugh. It was. It's like the underbelly we've been missing has finally filled in. It was breathtakingly deep. I love color saxes. I immediately decided to put together a full sax quartet. My problem is I only have one bari, which means he can't participate in more than one like ensemble, which sucks! So, unless he wants to share, I'm going to have to find something to do with my other altos because they will probably want to do something, too. What a horrible problem to have ;)

The website is working well, and we got all our new software in and installed, so my kids can start playing with all of that in yearbook and newspaper. They're doing really well this year. Anyone want to buy a $25 page sponsorship? Anyone? ANYONE?!?!?

I'm feeling better about my body. A couple of days back on the lower-carb wagon and I feel better. H made some comment last night and tonight about dinner being so low-carb. Well, that's what works for me. He wasn't complaining...just commenting. I hate commenting! He's lost like, 20something pounds, though. Riding his bike. Cutting back the booze. It's so easy for him. I want to lose 20something pounds! Or more!

Anywho, just throwing out an update. I've been feeling kind of low, tired, down. Don't really know why. I think the hot weather has fried my brain a bit. I really don't want to hear how other people are "busy" but I can't say anything lest I hurt their feelings. I have a way of being someone...acerbic. So, I just smile and keep my mouth shut. It's taking a toll.

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