Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday, August 12 (where does the time go???)

So, I managed to avoid pizza today, but not a cookie. At least it had raisins in it.

Got up this morning, did my weight lifting, and then holy crap! It was time to go to work! Time slipped away and I didn't have a chance for breakfast. I ended up eating some fruit and a small piece of banana nut bread. Could have done worse. I can always say no to bagels, no problem there.

Yesterday both H and I were just tired. We slacked and the world didn't come crashing down. SYTYCD was phenomenal, though I don't understand why they allow some choreographers to work with the dancers on the finale. One choreographer used cheesy 80's music and did a cutesy routine to it TWICE in just this season. Really. And then there was this one amazing piece that just blew my mind and made me tear up. Gah.

I ended up not going into work yesterday, and again, the world didn't come crashing down.

Here's yesterday's food (allowed a few more calories)
B: Smoothie
L: 2 low carb tortillas with 5 oz chicken (leftover) and about a cup of avocado tomato salad (leftover)
S: Grapes?
D: Pork stir-fry and a largish helping of brown rice (peppers, onions, green onions, broccoli, and snow peas and lean pork).
DS: Two fun-size snickers from the freezer. It keeps me sane to have some chocolate.

I'm definitely looking forward to tomorrow night--Chicken parmesan, salad, probably garlic bread, and copious amounts of wine. It's the big "free" meal of the week and I'm oh-so-excited.

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