Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monday, August 9

Wow, my hamstrings are TIGHT. Thanks to the deadlifts from yesterday morning. Wow.

Yesterday I worked up at the school. I got quite a bit done, including two weeks worth of lesson plans for my journalism class! Yay!

Food was decent, here ya go:

B: Smoothie with plain lowfat yogurt, mixed frozen berries, a little honey, and a splash of OJ
L: Chicken with mushroom sauce, tomatoes and mozz w/balsamic
S: Carrots with hummus and a cheesestick
S2: About 2 servings of grapes, a little more cheese (I was hungry!)
D: Filet on the grill and grilled asparagus and a small glass of OJ to help with the iron
DS: A couple of bites of the last brownie that H was supposed to eat. Dang.

So, pretty good--lots of veggies.

Went for about a 3-mile walk this morning. Almost 3 miles I think, about an hour's worth. My stride was pretty short due to the tight hamstrings. I started getting that weird muscle itching thing in my thighs that I get when it's hot and I work out (especially walking and running) but I did my best to ignore it and it went away. It's insanity-inducing, though. It has a name: Uticaria. You can take an antihistamine before working out to prevent it, but I'm so loopy after taking a Benadryl that I just can't do it. I'd walk into traffic or something. So, instead, I suffer. Oh well.

Going to meet my graduate adviser in charge of my practicum project this afternoon. I've got to get my butt moving so I can get up to the school and get some work done before that! Sheesh...where did the morning go? I haven't even showered yet!

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