Monday, August 9, 2010

Still alive, I promise

Um, yeah. I suck.

Last week was band camp. I spent three days in an auditorium with no air conditioning and a band room that we know was about 94. You would think I would have sweat off some weight. Nope. I gained. What the crap.

Now that school's about to start (and my mind knows this as I had teaching dreams last night, wow) I'm ready to get back into a routine. Which is why I'm here posting at 6:50am. I'm actually up!

I need to start working out to help out the healthy eating habits that I am going to re-hone. I'm doing a modified carb-cycling plan. You do a couple of higher carb days, to keep you sane and keep your body happy, and do much lower carb the rest of the time. I will probably have lots of brown rice on my higher carb days. Lots of veggies on the low.

The workout plan is just to alternate weights and cardio each day. So, today is weights. I jotted down a very simple plan with 1-2 exercises per music group, starting with the big muscles (chest) and working my way down to smaller muscle groups (bis, tris, calves). I enjoy weight lifting, but I prefer to do it at home. Though, I will probably have to invest in some better and some heavier weights eventually. I know the 2 5lbs and H's 2 20lbs dumbbells aren't going to cut it in the long run...I need some in-betweens! Hooray for Target's sports and recreation section. Cardio days I have several options--use OnDemand to pull up a new workout, pull out the TurboJam or go for a walk. I have a long walk plan in my head. If it would just cool off faster, I could walk in the evenings. But, last night it didn't get under 95 until after dark and frankly, I hate the heat. I hate it with every fiber of my being. I can't wait for this wave to be over. But, I can work out inside until then. I have options.

I've managed to re-build my wardrobe, much to the demise of my poor credit card. But, what am I supposed to do? Wear holy, stained, inappropriate clothes to work? I don't think so. I'm awaiting a Land's End order of some pants (I didn't know they did hemming for you automatically!) a $5 shirt and a $7 cardigan, both white. Needed some white in the closet as there is lots of dark stuff. I also bought a cute shirt at Target yesterday for cheap.

So, here I go again. I've got the fridge stocked with my healthy options, a re-resolved attitude and I made some freezer meals for future tired nights to boot! There is a lot of protein and veggies in my future.

H has been riding his bike a lot, too. And losing, though he hasn't stepped on the scale. The fact that all of his pants are getting too loose is proof enough for him. I kind of hate him right now.

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