Saturday, August 14, 2010

Things are going well!

I tried on a couple of pairs of jeans this morning--one that had started to fit but was getting tight again back in July, and another that I had just bought that within a week was already tight (why are dark finishes so much tighter? I have a pair of the same brand, same cut and they fit fine). While the dark finish jeans were still a little tight, the others fit fine. Solidly in the 16s again :) My collarbone is re-making its appearance again, as well. I feel better, too. I had a lot of energy this week, especially yesterday!

I'm loving working on the new website. The faculty seemed supportive and some were downright excited.

I took a "free" day yesterday and enjoyed some mac and cheese with my lunch (mmm...Iron Starr....) and I made that chicken parm for dinner. And bruschetta. The administration decided we should do more team-building exercises on Friday afternoons. It's fun team building ;) More social than anything. So, I partook in that time before my big dinner.

I couldn't even eat what I put on my plate and it was only a 5-6 oz chicken breast, which is what we normally eat. I guess with the bread AND pasta, it was just too much for my tummy. H brought home some wine that we split, and I definitely couldn't enjoy as much of that as I normally do. My tolerance is dropping swiftly.

I've been doing well with the workouts. Yesterday's cardio was pretty stupid. I pulled up a workout from the OnDemand menu and OHMYGOD I wanted to shoot the guy. He was like the Old Spice Guy but without being funny. It drove me nuts.

I already got my weights in today so I'm good to go! I might even enjoy some popcorn at the movie I'm going to this afternoon, Step Up 3D. I've not seen the other Step Up movies, but my sister wants to go, so I'll join her out of sisterhood.

This is me signing off for the day.

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