Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to school, back to school...

Well, I can cross #27 off my list of 30 goals! I finished the Wii Super Mario last night. It wasn't easy for me--I'm terrible with side-scrolling games and I've never beaten a Mario game. Not ever. So, that was kind of a big, albeit silly, thing for me to accomplish. Now I have to work on beating the "extra" World 9. Weekend pleasure, I guess.

I also purchased parsnips to make this week sometime. I haven't decided what to do. I know I have a lot of options! My husband suggested I make a list for the year, since I'm going to have to find 52 new fruits and veggies to try this year. I think he might be right. I'm going to be as seasonal as I can be.

I realized I left a goal off the list--read more. I'm currently reading "I'm So Happy For You." Look it up. It's kind of interesting.

Plans for the day: Dust my classroom (professional day and I've finished my grades), put together sub packet for another teacher since I have to miss my first day of spring semester classes, lunch, take a band kid to an honor band in a neighboring city, come back, go to the gym, eat reheated chili, read. I would go to a class at the gym but I don't think time-wise it would work. The only class I could take would be Pilates and I don't think I'm ready for that! Tomorrow night I'm going to aspire to go to the Have a Ball class. Whatever that is!

I'm trying very hard to be positive about this upcoming semester. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm not on anti-depressants anymore, but last semester was so hard for me. It just seemed like no matter how hard I tried, whatever I did was never good enough. And that I was constantly working either against the students, the administration, or myself. Plus, buying/fixing up a house was stressful, and the fixing up is an ongoing process. It was all very emotionally draining for me for some reason. Sometimes I just have to get through the year and remember that not every year is going to be stellar. It's kind of a pessimistic thought, but it seems to be true for me. I'm hoping that more physical activity and a better, healthier diet will help re-calibrate my chemistry and get me back to a happy place!

Do you ever have entire years that seem like you do nothing but fight? Is anyone even reading?

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