Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Step Right Up

So...I ventured out into the fog to the garage to get the scale, and the verdict is: Amazingly, I haven't gained any weight (give or take a pound) since the end of the summer, which is kind of cool since we moved into a new house, work became intensely stressful, I helped my sister deal with her own stressful time, the holidays, etc. Not bad. Not a great number, but it didn't ruin my day. The fact that I've gone this long and have just maintained and not gained is great. This time last year I was packing on the pounds and was eating/drinking pretty much the same. I blame anti-depressants!

So, now I have a starting point. 40lbs need to come off if I want to fit into all the clothes in my closet. I need to sit down and make a schedule, but currently I am typing this and shoveling cereal in my face so I can leave and go get the bi-weekly newspaper donuts (oh, cruel world...). But, hopefully I can sit down tonight and do that.

Still sore from Sunday, which is good and bad...I kicked my own ass enough that it hurt, but, well, it hurts! Especially across my chest. Damn flies. As in the kind you do with weights, not the cling-to-you-in-hot-nasty-weather flies!

Oh! I almost forgot...the bok choy. Hmm. Maybe I need to find some baby bok choy and try that. I wasn't a fan, though my husband was. But he likes pretty much everything except raw bell peppers...which I like :P

Okay, off to the daily grind, out into the fog...again.


  1. Looks like we're in the same boat--I also need to lose about 40 lbs. to fit into all of my clothes again! I'm actually looking forward to having the time to get back in the gym again, I've got some cute stuff I want to wear :)

  2. I think my scale is broken. In fact, I'm going to go put a weight on it to see because after all the wine I drank and cupcakes I ate this weekend, there's no way it's still the same!