Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thank god for weekends

After some disappointing news at school, I have to say it's wonderful to come home for the weekend and have no real plans.

My only problem with the lack of plans is that without a schedule, I just never make it to the gym!

Yesterday, I hung out with my sis, watched 9 to 5 (Classic!), and then got a haircut...a much needed haircut and I must say that doing something nice for myself made me feel better. Feeling like I don't look like a fuzzy troll with bad split ends really helps!

This week's vegetable is broccolini. It's supposed to have "notes of both broccoli and asparagus." I'm going to roast it and serve it with some sauteed lemon shrimp. Doesn't sound too bad.

It's funny; when I tell people about this vegetable and fruit adventure they are so helpful with recipes. It's nice, actually. And no one has given me shit about it, saying it's stupid. It's nice to have a may not be an "important" goal, but it is to me.

I'm also trying my new recipe for the month...nothing exciting, but I found a recipe in a Pampered Chef book my sis gave me yesterday for "Mediterranean Steak Salad." It calls for flank steak but I already have tenderloin in the freezer. I'll post the recipe this evening after we eat. Hell, I may even post a picture! I will be picking the olives off mine, though...blech!


So, if any teachers are reading this, especially those that maybe aren't "core" teachers but instead teach classes or sports that require people to join and you build upon enrollment every do you not get disappointed when students suddenly say they want to quit? With no reason? How do you not take it personally? Is it some fatal flaw of mine that when my first chair flutist, a damn fine player, tells me that she wants to quit band because she doesn't like pep band, and because the students don't really seem to appreciate what a pep band is there for (seriously, at pep assemblies, the STUCO actually plays the stereo instead of having us play in between stuff....STUPID...the AD is all over that right now and giving them a ton of crap for not using us like they should) and because she wants to hang out with her friends at games. OR, when one of your most loyal students say they want to quit because they don't like the assistant...a totally bullshit reason. What do you do? What do you say?

I'm just disappointed and trying to figure out what I should say or do. I hate to just say, "Fine, go, we don't need you" because we DO. I need leaders. These kids are my LEADERS and they want to quit for bullshit reasons their senior year. It's such crap.

Blah. I've said that a lot recently. At least I got to switch yearbook companies and go with a rep that I can actually stand and work with for a change. Score 1 for me.

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