Sunday, January 24, 2010

A fish, a fish, a fishy-oooooooh.

What the hell was I thinking, anyway? Blech.

The steak was good--marinated it in my own homemade balsamic marinade. Made toast with butter, herbs, garlic, and feta. The veggies were blah...even the canned artichoke hearts.

Won't be making that again, at least not in the winter! Not even going to post the recipe.

My husband has challenged me to try a fish dish next week, because honestly, I just can't stand fish. Any suggestions? I do like salmon croquettes, but I have grilled salmon before and could only choke it down with a lot of ketchup. I know, I know...I'm worse than a 6 year old when it comes to fish. It's the smell...the smell literally makes me gag, except for canned salmon, probably because I grew up eating those croquettes (only seafood, besides popcorn shrimp, we ever ate!). It's like sewer+rotten+cat food to me when I smell fish. I know fresh fish isn't supposed to smell, except "like the sea" but it all has that smell. Including the sea. I've been there, and I've smelled it.

So, if you have any suggestions, suggest away.

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