Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Plans

This is the year I turn 30. God. GAWD. I don't feel 30. I don't feel I look 30. I'm not sure I'm ready to be 30 but I don't exactly have a choice. The gray hairs filling in my temples are screaming at me reminding me of my far advanced age.

Of course I'm kidding. There are gray hairs. They don't scream. They are more sparkly than anything and I've decided that they make my hair look shiny. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

So, in honor of turning 30, I am going to set forth 30 goals, some big, and some small, so I don't become overwhelmed with trying to read 1,000 books and take grad classes this summer. I don't want to die a young woman.

Here they are. These might be altered as I'm kind of flying by the seat of my pants (which reminds me, I haven't done this in awhile: I used to run around the apartment, when we lived there, backwards, yelling, "I'm flying by the seat of my pants!" and chase Kevin around. I need to do that again. I think it's hilarious. No one else seems to.)

1. Fly by the seat of my pants a little more often. In the aforementioned silly way, and more literally. I plan too much. I need to let go sometimes.

2. Workout 4-5 times a week.

3. Regularly attend a class at my gym. Any class.

4. Make a new friend. Try to make this person a non-work friend.

5. Have more than one girl's night at my house.

6. Continue my grad classes this summer. Try not to complain about said classes, even though they will most likely suck.

7. Be supportive of my students without letting myself be sucked into work in a way that doesn't allow me to be separate from my job. I put too much emphasis on my job.

8. Remember that while I am a teacher, that is not the only thing I am. My job does not need to define me.

9. Avoid sharing "war stories" with other teachers. It's negative and not helpful.

10. Attempt to remember the fonder parts of my father.

11. Call home more often.

12. Forgive my mother in law for being pushy about home improvement projects. I'm the closest thing she has to her own daughter, since her other daughter in law lives 14 hours away and she has three grown boys.

13. Go to book club. I haven't been Go to book club.

14. Host a book club!

15. Buy no more clothes at my current size or larger. Strive to either buy nothing OR to buy smaller sizes. Obviously this is more for the bottom than the top, since I am a bottom-heavy girl. Spend some money, instead, on home improvement, including outside plants and indoor decor.

16. Lose enough fat in my midsection (and overall, of course) so family members will stop eyeballing me.

17. Eat out less.

18. Go on a big shopping trip for my 30th birthday, buying the aforementioned smaller clothes. I want to shop at The Loft again.

19. Practice more.

20. Drink less wine.

21. See my sister more often.

22. See more movies.

23. Pay off all credit cards, get a debit card again and only spend money that way except for large purchases.

24. Put private lessons money into savings every month.

25. Start gardening properly. I tried and failed with both yards in the first few months we lived here.

26. Put in a vegetable garden...somewhere.

27. Beat Wii Super Mario (another achievable and reasonable goal!)

28. Try a new vegetable or fruit every week. (I've realized that coming up with 52 will be hard, so I will also prepare vegetables that I have eaten in new ways, such as roasted cauliflower, a vegetable I don't particularly care for raw)

29. Try a new recipe every month.

30. Take more photos of everything...currently most of the photos on my camera are of the cats. While they are great subjects, I need to branch out.

BONUS: Spend more time at the lake. It's right around the damned corner. I just have to actually go there. Seeing as it's currently 24°F outside, I will not go; however, winter doesn't last too long in Oklahoma!

Okay, so some of those are a little vague but, I'm trying to fly by the seat of my pants, remember? Eh?

Well, currently I haven't been to the gym since Wednesday. Thursday we tried to have a new year's eve party, and we were cleaning and I was in the kitchen prepping all the food...then hardly anyone came! That was kind of a financial waste. Good food, though. Friday I was kind of down in the dumps (okay, I was totally moping) and spent most of the day on the couch reading, watching TV and trying to beat the Wii Mario game. We spent the evening at the in-laws. We're waiting right now for them, and my brother and sister in law, to come by and see the house since the two of them live so far away. The house is kind of spotless right now so I can go to the gym any time. Just waiting and waiting.

I didn't have the best of lunches...the rice and leftover squash didn't really fill me up, so I had some chicken wings from the freezer. I baked them, at least. And they aren't full of crazy processed anything, so they really aren't too bad.

And, eventually I will post photos along with these blog entries, but my computer is still dead and I am currently hogging my husband's. I should stop that.

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