Saturday, January 30, 2010


It was all right. I roasted it with garlic, EVOO, salt and pepper. It's not a vegetable I'm going to asparagus or home-grown summer tomatoes...but it's a'ight. I served it alongside risotto and sauteed lemon shrimp...I wasn't too jazzed about anything in the meal. I burned my tongue on some hot chocolate the other night and I think I screwed up my tastebuds!

We haven't ventured out into the weather yet...we got about 5in of snow out there, on top of about an inch of sleet which is on top of about 1/2-3/4 inch of ice. Awesome. We'll see if I can get to work in the Fit on Monday.

Having the last couple of days off was nice, though...I didn't really think about work at all! I would like to get online and listen to some pep tunes but my DH just won't get off his computer and fix mine (I haven't had mine for over a month...which is a big part of why there are NO PICTURES on this blog...shame.) so I haven't been able to do that.

I guess I sounded pretty morose on my facebook updates and kept getting emails of concern from people. I appreciate the kindness, I really do. But, the past couple of days I've posted nothing but happy things and NO ONE RESPONDS. Funny how that works, eh? I thought about making that statement my status but then deemed it too passive aggressive, even for me!

The skinny on the bad mood: I was alerted, via school email by a teacher, that some of my juniors are wanting to quit band for their senior year. Kelli flips out. Gets confrontational with kids. Kids are upset aforementioned teacher emailed me in advance of the students coming to speak with me (I do believe them when they said they were going to talk to me). Entire situation festers for no reason. Kelli is upset that her kids are being hypocrites (long story on that one, but yeah). Kelli bugs an administrator probably too many times about it. Seeks advice from other teachers. Ignores advice and goes with gut feeling. Talks to students and is enlightened. Students listen to Kelli like mature young adults. Problem solved? Not really. But deeper understanding abounds. Kelli vows to ignore most teacher emails and promises to self and students not to fly off the handle anymore without knowing all the information.

Long story short...I can't make them stay, but I hate to see them go. I wish more parents would back me up and keep them in there; they have to sign the enrollment sheet, you know? There was no way my mom would have let me quit band, or piano. They were too valuable.

I'm debating if I should make biscuits or just have cereal or Eggos for breakfast. I'm not feeling to inclined to feed my DH anything today until my damn computer is fixed. It's 9am and he's still in bed.

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