Sunday, November 21, 2010

As the year comes to a close...

I believe I will change this to my 2011 Accountability Blog. I plan to create 31 goals for myself for the year; some small, some big; to help me continue in my progress in being a better person, runner, and teacher. I will gladly take suggestions from my readers for these goals, or for ways to improve this blog, as well.

Last night, H and I were talking about this running program, and an old friend of ours who has been doing it with great success. They were quite obese and have lost quite a bit of weight in the short time they've been running (I believe they started losing weight first, though; regardless, they look great!) and how the scale almost never moves for me. The entire last month has been the same 2 pounds lost, gained, and lost again. I know why it is--diet. But I enjoy food and try to keep it reasonable. I don't usually eat huge portions of food. I try to limit desserts to a few times a week. But, I love food and I don't always love salad! Despite not having lost any weight, H has noticed differences in my body, specifically leg strength and other things during "sexy time," as he put it. I guess I hold differently. I've lost belly fat; I can see that on the tape measure, and that's my biggest goal: lose the belly fat. It's unhealthy, it's why my clothes don't fit, it's why people ask if I'm pregnant (which hasn't happened in a very long time).

He also said my face is way different, and I agree. I was looking back and some old pictures recently and noticed that. I'm happy with that.

Anyway, this post isn't really for anything. I did my W4D3 run yesterday and felt pretty good. I'm still waffling on the Turkey Trot, but I have until Tuesday to decide. I might as well just do it and push myself and get the shirt!

Oh, and I am loving the freeing feeling of having no more credit debt on my major card. My grocery card is up next!

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