Wednesday, November 17, 2010

C25K W4D2

So, I was right. It was my foot strike. I worked hard yesterday morning to keep my feet hitting the ground the way said to in the videos, and I had nearly nonexistant leg pain. Most of what I experienced was just muscle fatigue, like I had done too many calf raises. It was an entirely different feeling and in a different place on my leg. I think I found my stride :) An online person suggested some calf compression sleeves, so I'm going to check those out sometime to see if they work.

In other news, we had another basketball game yesterday, along with our first (and only, really) pep assembly. It's becoming exhausting to take photos, keep up with over 40 band kids, and take video. My yearbook and web design kids need to step it up. I think I got some decent video last night. Don't know about photo yet. Most of my band kids did a good job. The crowd actually responded to them at the assembly which helps. But, I'm happy to put it behind us for a little while and focus on holiday tunes. We have just one more honor band audition on Saturday and we're done with that.

I'm just so tired right now, though. I'm so ready for next week's break; I need it. While I find myself unable to really relax when I have free time (I feel like I should be doing something), I crave it. I'm so tired I don't even really want to eat; I'm forcing a banana and some OJ right now and I'm not digging it. I didn't even want to open the fridge to scoop out some leftovers into a container for lunch. This is not how I normally am. Obviously. I love to eat and even that's getting beaten out of me.

I don't know how long I'll stay at this school. This is my 6th year there, amazingly. I can't believe it's been that long. I've always said I'll stay at a school as long as they need me. I would have stayed a few years at my first job, even though it was crappy, because they needed me. I don't know how long my school now will need me. I'm always doing new stuff and while that's great, the new stuff is starting to take everything over and I don't have the time or energy for my old stuff, like band. I don't know how to make administration see this.

I do have some good news. I'm about to get a very large sum of money so I can pay off my credit cards and be DONE. All I'll have to do is pay tuition but since I'm not taking anything in the spring, I'm going to wait until after Christmas so I can feel free to shop (within reason) for holiday gifts. My graduate adviser thought I was supposed to graduate in December, and had emailed about comprehensive tests. When I said I was just over halfway and had another year, he said, "Well, I guess it just seems like you've been underfoot for so long." Um, okay. Yeah, I'm doing the THREE summer program you designed. It's been two. Deal with my existence, jerk.

Okay, I have to drag my exhausted ass to work now. Holiday tunes and promotional video making ahead.

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