Monday, November 1, 2010

C25K Week 3, Day 1

I can't believe I actually did that! I was kind of concerned when I got up that it was going to be too much. I felt like I wasn't rested at all and it was pretty damn cold. I actually went out and turned right around to go get my fleece vest. I was cursing the thin t-shirt until I got warmed-up. My calves got a little tight during the 3 minute runs, and lordy, I am slow. But, I got through.

The cheesiest thing is I actually did a double fist-pump in the air when I finished my first 3 minute run. I'm slightly embarrassed by that fact, but the time went by so quickly! And besides, at 5:30am, as Julia Child would say, "Who's to see?" The 90 second jogs seemed longer for some reason. I felt so good this morning driving to work.

The cardio part of it isn't a problem for me. I feel like my lungs could go much farther than my legs; it's always been that way for me with running. I think part of it is being dehydrated. I also think part of it is a fear of opening up and getting shin splints, that my gait is causing part of the problem. Mostly it's my right calf. I think I'm going to treat myself to a birthday massage on Thursday to work that out.

I didn't lift yesterday as planned. We ended up going to my in-laws for dinner. The ONE time I decide to buy a turkey breast and make a Thanksgiving-ish meal, and that's what my mother-in-law makes! How weird. She actually did a good job. It was juicy, at least. It wasn't a bad meal. Very comforting. My t-day meal this week is going to be an herbed roasted turkey breast, roasted brussels sprouts, and (stove top) stuffing. I don't like dressing and I'm not going to make it on a weeknight! I'm oddly looking forward to it. I don't even like turkey that much!

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