Thursday, November 4, 2010

C25K W3D2, and my scale is a big fat tease

Yesterday morning, I hopped on the scale (I'm keeping track of my weight in my calendar...watching it go between the same 3 pounds. Blah) and it read a number which was 8 pounds lighter than the last number I saw. I knew it was a fluke, but still....seeing that number made me yearn to see the number go down overall.

Damn tease. I stepped back on and got a more realistic number. I have to do that with my scale most of the time. Two tries to get the right number, three if I get two completely different numbers.

I ran yesterday morning, and could see both dippers and the crescent moon rising. Quite peaceful. Damn if I wasn't slow, though...I must have been walking at a glacial pace. I got through it without any fanfare (no fist-pumps this time, just mental celebration for a break) but I was way behind by the time I got to the cool-down. I was fine through the halfway point.

My calf was bothering me quite a bit so I think that's what slowed me down. I checked my heart rate during my first 3 minute run and it kind of scared me, so I started working on breathing, as well. I had no problems slowing it back down but it's been awhile since I got my heart rate up like that! Not since those Insanity days, at least.

So, that's the update. I have an afternoon workout today of HHA Cardio and Ab Sculpt. I've been neglecting Shaun T lately, and the weights. Gotta get on that.

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