Friday, November 19, 2010

Been feeling run down

So, you haven't heard from me. I took the last couple of days off to just rest in the evenings. It's been really nice to do that. I just couldn't shake a low-grade headache and fatigue. Wednesday I was fighting just to keep my eyes open on the drive home at 3:15, which is scary. I occasionally will push myself too far and end up really sick. I've learned the warning signs, like the headache, so I can avoid full-on illness.

I still, however, need to learn to say no or to not go crazy with obligations.

So, I haven't run since Tuesday but I think I'll be getting out there this evening. I am going to pay off my big credit card today and feel much better about my financial situation. I'm going to wear all purple and be a "Nerd" (several teachers and I are the candy Nerds) for Nerd Day at school. (I figured I already am a nerd and unless I just carried my flute around all day no one would know I was dressed up). And dang if these purple fleece pants aren't incredibly comfortable. I think I'll be lounging in them quite a bit.

For now, I need to work on my graduate project journal that I haven't updated since before our concert last week and get ready for the day. This has been a long week with all of the out of uniform days for spirit week. I love spirit week, but it's really dragged on this week, especially with block schedule. We'll all survive, though.

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