Friday, November 26, 2010


Whoo! Things got pretty tight last night in the groin area. I used to think groin pulls were easy to get over, and always foo-fooed those who complained about them, or scoffed when professional or college players would be out with a groin injury.

I was uninformed, evidently. This freaking sucks.

However, things are much better today than yesterday, and I assume the same will be true tomorrow. I don't think it's a pull, necessarily, just aggravated, and wondering what the hell I was doing yesterday. Calves and shins are pretty much a-ok today. I will wait until Sunday to hit the pavement again, however. Just in case.

My actual time yesterday was 45:47, which means I ran a 14:66 mile, which isn't awful. I also realized how little I walked yesterday. 4-5 blocks tops. No wonder I hurt!

Today has been nice. We had a nice morning together, went to El Reno and had a fried onion burger at Sid's Diner (truly excellent), got some music at Pender's, and now there are cupcakes waiting to be frosted and the Christmas tree is up waiting to be decorated. Chili for dinner and Toy Story 3 tonight.

I would like to do the Sandridge Santa Run on the 4th, but if I do it, I might just do the 1 mile fun run and maybe take Callie along. I don't think I want to do another 5K so soon. I think a little training might be in order. Plus, it's only $10 and I can dress up!

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