Sunday, November 7, 2010

It looks like we made it...

Isn't there a song with that line in it?

In other news....I'm 30! Holy freaking crap. I didn't give any kind of run-down on Friday morning's run, so here it is.

It sucked.

Then my husband tried to kill me because he thought I was a burglar. His alarm clock reset itself an hour early a week too soon and he thought I was coming in at 4:45am, not the 5:45am I have been coming in at. I laughed at him. All is well and now we have a (very) funny story to share with friends when I feel the need to poke fun at my sometimes very serious husband.

My right calf is giving me all kinds of hell. I plan to do some light cardio today, maybe a walk, and reeeeeeallllllyyyyyy stretch it after and see if that helps at all. This coming week's running plan is kind of nuts and there's more intervals so we'll see if I'm ready for Week 4.

I can't believe I'm on Week 4.

Now, onto other things. My 30 before 30. I actually accomplished some of them, others I failed miserably, and still others I sort of held up or accomplished, or am now getting around to them.

I never had a girl's night. This one slips by me every year. I used to have them once every now and then but weekends get busy fast for people.

I didn't lose all the weight. I have lost some, though, and I know my doc will be happy to see the number has gone down, though it isn't by much.

I am more active, thanks to C25K. I tried other things this year, like Insanity, which were great, but I think I need to get in a better place physically before really tackling them.

I didn't try a new veggie or fruit every week; however, I did try a lot of new ones. Some I didn't like, others are in regular rotation, i.e. Brussels sprouts. Of all things. I just had to learn how to prepare them properly!

I bought clothes, but honestly, I had to. And I need to buy pants right now because some are too worn out, buttons falling off, and they are fading into new, unpleasant colors. Luckily, I got a 30% of card to Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic from our awesome sub at school for next weekend! I can use the card at all three places as many times as I want those three days. So cool.

I don't eat out less. Life is making it to where we eat out more. Bad.

I did get a hold of my finances, then the flood happened but H is going to help me with that later this month and hopefully, I'll have a grip on them again. It's going to be a lean Christmas for people, though. Sorry about that. I'm sure everyone understands.

Hahahaha practice more hahahahahaha. Yeah, right. I'm the worst band director, ever, because I hardly ever practice.

Things I did well included making new friends (I decided to hell with the "not from work" clause because frankly, it's stupid. I spend quite a bit of time with them. However, I have made some friends from an online forum so I did actually do this for realz.), I saw more movies, I saw my sister more often, I grew some vegetables (I made a WHOLE salad out of them!), I tried a lot of new recipes, I got my garden in the front going (time for the back, it was pretty wrecked post-flood), I have been spontaneous and I'm finding that as time goes by, little things like being a bit late don't bother much, I'm doing better about sharing "war stories" about teaching and instead, share the happy, uplifting stories more, I continued grad classes and am in the middle of a grad project (jazz band), and I have started to find myself a little more outside of being a teacher.

So, I consider the whole project a success. I learned from myself and from others. I learned that failing IS an option and the world doesn't end if you do. I'm learning balance, between my life and my job and with myself. I think I will do this again.

31 before 31? Can I do it again? What do you think?

Oh, and you probably want to know what I did for my birthday. I ate fried chicken, and fried okra, and had a blast in a hole-in-the-wall chicken place in a tiny town with friends from work, H's friends, my sister, and their friends, siblings, and significant others. I laughed, stuffed myself silly, watched men walk around wearing foil hats, and celebrated not getting older, but getting better.

Here's to a healthy, happy, and fantastic upcoming year of being 30.

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