Saturday, November 13, 2010

The craziest, most exhausing week of my life

There is a reason you haven't heard from me. After honor band auditions on Monday night (home and dinner at 10:30), a basketball game Tuesday night (home at 9:30), a concert Thursday night (home at 9) I was WIPED. My body just refused to do anything but shut down. I gave the C25K a rest this week because of all the pain I felt Monday morning. I'm hoping that after the rest things will be better. I might see if I can convince H to work on that muscle for me instead of spending $50 at the massage therapist.

The band was well-received at both the basketball game and the concert, especially the jazz band. My principal asked if they could perform at halftime at a basketball game =D I told her sure, if we could find long enough extension cords! I'll probably look through some music today and see if I can find anything they can easily work up for next semester's games. There's just no time between now and our next concert. The concert overall was a huge success. My band parents provided so much food and they decorated the tables and made everything so lovely. Unfortunately, no orchestra or choir parents provided anything, and that burns both myself AND my band parents. They provide so much for the program (dinners for basketball games, dinner/movie night was ALL band parents even though orchestra "helped") and they are starting to notice the one-sided nature of this game. I know what I need to say to fix this problem, but I can't say it in a nice enough way. I'm too close to the situation.

I'm going to try and get out there today and run. It's supposed to be sunny and 54 and I'm adoring that. I might get some yardwork in, too. Tonight I have a girl's night at a local restaurant that I LOVE. I was invited to a girl's night! H said he was "proud" or something like that. I think he's happy to see me have good friends.

So, that's the update. I slept like 9 hours and we're getting our microwave installed today, so I have to go clean the messy kitchen so that can happen. Yay! 90 second bags of Uncle Ben's brown rice!

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