Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I have managed to work 30 hours in 2 days. With honor band auditions Monday night (got home and had dinner at 10:30pm) and basketball game last night, I'm flat worn-out. I did not get up and run this morning. In fact, I felt some pain yesterday in my leg where I've been having trouble running so I thought maybe slowing down might not hurt.

It's certainly not going to help my waistline. But this week I will have worked about 60 hours when all is said and done, and I don't really care right now. I think I have earned that right.

There really isn't anything interesting for me to talk about. I had kids make the honor band Monday night, and we had the game last night. Boys won, girls lost, but they played two different teams. The band played and it was okay. Not our best. I got a call from administrators about 9:30, right after I got home, telling me I still had band kids at the school. I was livid. How could their people not be there after the game had been over for 30 minutes? I sent an email to parents and I hope it isn't too ill-received, but I was hot. I'm debating how much time I want to take out of rehearsal to talk about it today, but we have a concert tomorrow night.

So, for now, that's it. My life is work, my work is my life. After this week it won't be so bad. I don't know why I thought planning a Veteran's Day concert was ever a good idea.

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