Sunday, November 14, 2010

C25K W4D1 Repeat

Well, I got out there this morning and tried again. My legs were still so very tired. I still feel like my lungs could go for a lot longer, and my heart (though it's kind of scary how fast my heart rate is. It's still in a healthy range, I just don't normally feel it get that high!). It's just my damned legs. So, I'm going to try an experiment.

1. I am going to do everything in my power to hydrate myself at every turn. Even though we have no working fountains on my floor and the fridge water dispenser is a pain in my ass. Even though it'll make me have to constantly pee.

2. I'm going to eat a banana before I go out running in the mornings. Potassium is great for muscle cramps.

3. I am going to keep focusing on my foot strike. Today I could barely feel or hear my feet hitting the ground. I want to keep that up. I'm reading conflicting information on how the foot should hit the ground. Some say between heel and midfoot, some say more on the ball. I find if I try to run more toward the ball of my foot, I kind of "shuffle" along. I'm going to talk to the cross country coach at school and see what they say. Or maybe even a cross country kid!

4. If I don't see improvement, or rather, feel improvement, from the above, then I'm going to take the birthday money my mom gave me and go to a running store and have them analyze my gait. It's a last, and possibly expensive resort, and I kind of wanted that money for "fun," you know?

I really think it's the foot strike coupled with hydration. We'll see, though. I'm always open to suggestions!

Oh, and about the run--it wasn't the best, and about the last 20 seconds of each long run I checked the time (both at 22 seconds left ha, so weird) because it seemed like an eternity. My legs got tired before I even started to jog, really. A friend suggested I get more strength training in, and since I haven't been doing that much lately, I tend to agree with her. Something else to work on, I suppose.

I'm seeing a difference in my face in pictures. God, my face was fat there for awhile. It looks like the weight I've lost since February seems to have all come from my face!

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