Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sweet relaxation

I love breaks. I "heart" them. They always come when you need them the most.

Today I took Callie for about a 2 mile walk over to the lake and back. Turns out that the lake is so low that it has a beach now! I found a clam shell. A big one. Callie ran up and down the beach. She would go after things I threw for her but wouldn't pick them up. I don't think she liked sand in her mouth. It's warm and humid today. The sidewalks are wet even though it hasn't rained. Tomorrow will be a different story.

I'm worried I'm going to totally fail, but I guess you can't really fail at walking/running. I mean, you just put your feet out and go. I do have a history of screwing that up, though! But, nicely paved roads should prove easier than the trail hiking where I last sustained an injury while walking over a year ago. Well, wait...I'm lying. I hurt myself before I even got on the trail. I tripped on a hole on the side of the road that led to the trail. Pretty pathetic, eh?

Today my plans are simple. Lunch with H, get tires checked (that pressure light has been on far too long but nothing's changed on the tires as far as I can tell), drop off wedding ring for repair (I broke a prong...gah), go to Target and try and find one of those Pledge pet hair picker-upper things, go pick up my running packet, make a squash casserole for tomorrow.

I was somewhat upset when I was asked to bring squash casserole. I can do so much more, or something more challenging, than a basic casserole. But, H's mom never lets me bring anything that would show off any kind of culinary aptitude. H thinks she's jealous! So, I'm going to fancy up my casserole. I'm using zucchini (the squash were big, which means big seeds and I hate them), which I will roast instead of steam, I plan on making a cheese sauce instead of just dumping shredded cheddar in, and I'm going to mix in imported parm and panko into the cracker topping. How's that for a fancy casserole? Take that, MIL. I also might stop by the grocery store and get items for some sort of dessert. They only ever have pies and I get sick of them (plus, I just don't really care for her pies) this time of year, so I might do some gingerbread truffles or something.

Tonight for us I'm making P-dub's (Pioneer Woman) chicken scallopine with pasta. It's so yummy. I love having the time to actually put effort into dinner.

Time to dry my hair (I've been having lots of dreams about drying my hair lately, hmm.) and get out the door. Yay for breaks!

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