Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hopefully it's only temporary. I could probably go run, but I think I'll just take it easy. My neck and shoulders are killing me :( It hurts to look down. It just hurts, all the time. I woke up this way. I mean, it was hurting a bit yesterday, just on one side (left shoulder gives me problems sometimes...pinched nerve) but I asked H for a shoulder rub last night and now I'm like this.

That's probably the last time I ask him for a shoulder rub. Ouch.

Today, we're going to my sister's place for a non-Thanksgiving get-together to have bbq, mac and cheese, spinach salad, and some kind of cheesecake. I'm thrilled. Her new boyfriend (I'm going to call him that for simplicity's sake, I don't know if that's what she's calling him) will be there so we'll finally get to talk to him. He came to my birthday at the chicken place but there were a lot of people and it was so loud! I wish I felt better, but whatever.

I also noticed this morning that my pulse is really slow. I measured 54. I know that's technically too low, but I've always hovered around 60. Maybe all this running is getting me in better shape cardiovascularly. Which evidently isn't a word, according to my spell check. Whatever.

I'm going to have to get in the kitchen soon and start making antipasto, mac and cheese, and salad!

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