Thursday, November 25, 2010

She's going the distance

But not going for speed.

I came in around 46:00 which isn't what I had hoped for, but I got through it! I ran much more than I walked, actually. My body is currently protesting and I am eyeballing the aleve next to me. The tendon (I guess it's a tendon) that joins your leg to your body around the crotch region is complaining big-time. It started nagging me around the last 1K but I pushed through it as best I could. My right calf is sore, but I noticed several times that I wasn't running with the same style that I had worked for the last couple of runs. It's going to take some getting used to, I guess.

All in all, I'm pretty g-damn proud of myself for not only signing up and going, but actually finishing, especially considering how freaking cold it was this morning. I was wiping my eyes the entire time up the north-facing stretch. I ran that entire stretch back with the wind at my back. I'm proud of myself for running as much of it as I did, however slow.

I doubt I'll hit the road again until Sunday. I need to ice/heat and stretch and recover. This is by far the most I've ever run in my entire life. I can't believe I waited until I was 30 to do that.

ETA: H and I took Callie with us, figuring it would be a good way for her to be exposed to more people. After a couple of walks around the block before starting, she calmed down. Evidently she made a lot of friends while I was mid-race, but when I got back, I immediately found H (perched on top of some stairs in plain sight, so I could find him easily, no doubt). I climbed up a couple of steps and the next thing I knew, I was being Callie-hugged with full force. She nearly knocked me over! I thought it was really sweet that she was so happy to see me, even though I wasn't gone that long!

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