Monday, December 20, 2010

C25K W5D1 Repeat and the return of an old arch enemy

I decided that break was a perfect time to get back into my running habit. I set out this morning, in the light for a change, and in weather that was around 50 (instead of 25). It seemed perfect. Even the wind seemed to die down after awhile. But, I was visited by an old arch enemy: Cholinergic urticaria. Holy shit.

It's like an exercise-induced allergy. My whole body turned red and I was on fire. I almost called my H to have him come pick me up halfway through so I could get a Zyrtec. I pushed through, though, and only skipped part of the cool down because I was at my driveway. I came in and freaked him out a little bit by how red I was. He suggested I take a hot shower. That was funny. Seeing as it is started with a rise in body temperature, I think a hot shower would be a bad idea.

But, I got through it. I can feel my body cooling off now. I'm almost cold. Other plans for today include taking Callie to the lake, cleaning the house, hopefully finding a missing shirt that I will probably want for Christmas day, and playing some video games or watching more episodes of Dead Like Me.

Dinner plans are a crockpot roast, so I should probably get that going now, as well. I might take Callie to Petsmart to get stocking stuffers. I love not having any real plans.

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