Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sidelined....yet again.

Inner ear infection. That's why I kept getting dizzy! It all started to be eerily reminiscent of an inner ear infection I had a couple of years ago or so. The PA at the clinic was a little confused by me because I don't have any pain, though my ear was (and probably still is) quite red. I was prescribed amoxicillin (gentle antibiotics) which were only $3! And decongestants. They were supposed to be 2x a day, but all I have is 24 hour Claritin-D so that'll have to do. I think if I take it in the morning I'll be able to sleep. I hope.

So, until I get this balance thing under control, no running. I'm doing my best to not run into things just walking around. I noticed yesterday I can't park my car straight! It looks straight to me, then I see it in the lines. Whoops.

Last night was the last home bball game of the semester! W00t! Tonight I'm meeting some ladies at a Mediterranean place for dinner. I might try falafal. Anywho, it's getting late so I need to start my day. Yay.

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