Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ready and rarin' to go

Is that how you spell rarin'? Evidently if I add the "g" it is, but, I am from Oklahoma, after all. I've never heard anyone say "ready and rarING to go." Never, ever.

I was all ready to go running, but it's 17 outside. 17. I decided I can run this afternoon! At least there's no wind today.

I'm also all ready to start back up again with healthy eating and consistent working out. The holidays always have a way of pushing into your life in a very intrusive (but delicious) sort of way. I've put a couple of pounds back on, and I can feel it, and I'm ready to drop those and the rest.

I've been doing some reading on Primal/Paleo eating styles and find them to be interesting. It's a low-carb style of eating, but mostly just staying away from grains. You eat a lot of veggies, leafy greens, and protein. You can still use olive oil and butter. Sounds like a plan I can deal with. They also advocate 80% of the time eating that way, but you can have some time to eat other things, like a cookie now and then. So, here's my "Primal" dinner menu for the week:

Beef w/snow peas (PW recipe)
Pork tenderloin w/mustard cream sauce and brussels sprouts
Parm-crusted chicken breast with roasted asparagus and tomatoes
Chili-rubbed chicken w/avocado salad (w/ tomatoes and red onion) and grilled squash and zucchini
Roasted chicken with spicy swiss chard (new!) and a baked potato (not totally Primal but I have two in the pantry)
Cream cheese chicken w/mushrooms and roasted carrots
One night out for whatever.

Breakfasts will include yogurt with berries and almonds and a little honey, poached egg over asparagus (been meaning to try this, anyway), and maybe leftovers or scrambled eggs. Lunches will be leftovers or chili.

So, today I need to clean out the fridge and freezer (need to do that, anyway) while I wait for the temps to warm up to something more sane, and get the groceries.

I was looking at personal trainers in the area, but I think I'm going to hold off a little while and see how I do on my own. I plan on making a calendar that I can use to plan my workouts, and the days are going to start getting longer so I can do outside workouts in the evening. I don't like running in the evening in the dark because there are far more people out. If I could sleep until 5:45 every day, instead of 5:10, I would be much happier. I plan on incorporating much more strength training in, as well. I have seven basketball games to deal with, but not much in the way of evening events or weekend events for awhile, so I should have an easier time of dealing with it all.

All right, I have to go look at the Panera menu and see what they have. Both H and I have gift cards and that's where he wants to go for lunch today. I plan to let me have Sunday lunches as a freebie because I love exploring new places then when we can be relaxed about it.

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