Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vacation, day 3

Can you believe that I actually got my husband to put clothes away for donation?!?!?! That almost never happens. And he was so authoritative about his decisions. I'm so proud. I got home today and he showed me some kind of customizable closet thing he wants to do now. I think I might be in love.

Yesterday, I got lots of lounging done. And sorting of things. I'm starting to appreciate the value of relaxation. I've realized that I don't really relax enough. I think I do, but now I realize, I don't. Hours of not thinking about work, or cleaning, or work, or school, or work...that's what I've needed. Too bad I've had two teaching dreams so far. Bah humbug.

Last night, I decided to take H to an impromptu fancy-ish dinner out at a local establishment for a holiday present. I haven't actually gotten him anything, save for a small gift under the tree, and felt I should do, you know, something. He paid off my damn credit card and I am now able to say I have my credit in order due to him helping me, so I felt I should give him something. I should have just made a nice dinner for us. It would have been cheaper and we probably wouldn't have been in pain! I got the dessert to go, but I guess it was too much for both of us, seeing as we were both complaining of GI discomfort overnight and this morning. I felt like I had a damn brick in my gut all night. I wanted to burp so loudly...I even entertained the idea of making myself throw up in an effort to alleviate the pain. I felt like we were in that episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte and Harry go out for a fancy French dinner and end up with food poisoning. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, here's the scene:

Today, after dragging my butt out of bed (I get so lazy after just a couple of days), I went to the IL's to watch my mother-in-law. She had surgery two days ago to have a piece of her hip bone placed into a vertebrae in her neck.

Yes, you just read that. Ouch.

Despite what sounds like copious amounts of pain, MIL was doing quite well. We watched Dead Like Me on Netflix, Life as a House (great movie), and I took Callie for a walk around the neighborhood. I came home and H had brought me a bottle of wine. Score for me!

I think tomorrow it might rain, which makes me want to run in it. I love the rain, and it has been so dry here lately. The lake I pass over on the way to my in-laws' house is almost a series of islands, given the amount of drought we've had. The dry weather cracks in the backyard hurt my feet. My pansies are screaming for water and I've been too lazy to water the poor things much. I also found a "mud run" event in the spring I want to sign up for. Rolling around in mud sounds like way too much fun to pass up. So does running in the rain.

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