Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas shopping is like running

Either you're a marathon runner, or a 5K kind of person.

I'm a 5Ker. I like to shop in short spurts. Yesterday, we hit up WalMart for $10 worth of gift bags and tissue (had a gift card...I spent $9.75 ha), Kohls for wrapping paper, a doggie stocking for Callie, and two gifts for an aunt (all on deep discount plus a 15% card that I got to keep for today if I want to go back), and Borders for books for several people. We also made a couple other stops that weren't Christmas-related and had lunch in under 3.5 hours. More time was spent navigating traffic than anything, I think.

Today, I'm going to head out again and get a small gift for H, and then to the mall for gifts and some stuff for me. I managed to redeem $50 toward the balance on my credit card and I'm waiting for a reimbursement for most of the rest. I only spent about $50 yesterday! I've got birthday money to burn, as it is, anyway. So I'm going to take advantage of the sales and buy myself a belt.

Why a belt, you ask? Well, I'm wearing one of H's right now and it's so nice to have my jeans stay in place. I'm constantly yanking them up and it annoys me. When I first got them, they fit great. It appears they have stretched (dang jeans and their stretch these days) and now I'm a jeans-yanker.

I had thought about going running this morning, until I saw the wind chill was 8. Holy shit.

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