Thursday, December 30, 2010

Not last minute or anything...

So, I decided this afternoon that I would like to do some sort of challenge in January. So, that gives me a whole day to figure it out :/ Shoulda come up with this sooner...

So, I'm asking you, lovely readers, what could I do? I would like to not spend a ton of money on DVD's or workout equipment. I plan to finish C25K this coming month, ending right before the end of January. I won't need any running goals or challenges. I could, however, use some help in the strength and cross-training departments.

I have several weights of varying sizes, 3 levels of bands (easy, medium, hard), and I wouldn't mind investing in a medicine ball. I also have access to Zumba classes nearby, and Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus. I also own Turbo Jam and Hip Hop Abs.

Thanks in advance!


I met my friend and her sister in-law at the lake today and I did about three miles. Yesterday, I tweaked an abdominal muscle and I thought it would be better today, but it was nagging me pretty early in the run. By the time I got home, it wasn't nagging me; it was SCREAMING in agony. Lesson learned. I won't do that again.

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