Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kelli's 31 for 31

Like last year, I have decided to post 31 goals to reach for my 31st year of life. These goals reflect changes I feel I should make, adventures I should try, and current trends I should continue.

1. Stop being a lazy cook and get in the kitchen, even when I'm tired. I usually enjoy what I cook more than what I would get out.

2. Make H clean the kitchen more with me after dinner.

3. Be a more engaged and engaging piano instructor.

4. Stop being afraid to hurt certain peoples' feelings and tell them what I really think when they ask. No one spares my feelings.

5. Read more books. Fiction, non-fiction, educational, whatever. I don't read nearly enough.

6. Go to some concerts at the local universities. There are all these great performances and I hardly ever go. I have a DVR for a reason.

7. Finish C25K and do speedwork, then move to Bridge to 10K.

8. Sign up for and race at least 3 5K's this year.

9. Sign up for and race at least 1 10K this year. (Either 8 or 9 can be in a relay)

10. Continue my journey to enjoying the smaller things in life that bring joy, i.e. sunrises/sunsets, caring for flowers, little things like that. I have noticed that I feel pure joy when taking in these very subtle but amazing things.

11. Learn a new instrument. I should get my clarinet fixed and work on that (when I say "my" clarinet I mean my sister's old clarinet from high school. Yamahas last forever and they ROCK!).

12. Quit being such a nag.

13. Continue to foster my new friendships at work. I have this amazing lunch group and I fear we will be separated next year. Very rarely have I been able to be in the company of other women near my age, who feel the same way I do about so many things, and who genuinely laugh at my lame attempts at humor. One of these women has surprised me so much and another I feel is a long lost sister. A third is one of the smartest people I have ever been in the presence of in my life. A fourth has the ability to make me laugh. I feel honored to eat lunch and attend happy hours with such wonderful women.

14. Be more supportive of my husband's efforts to continue to improve his alma mater fraternity. He is the chapter adviser and though sometimes I feel like we are back in college when I never saw him on Sunday and Monday nights, it is important to him, and so it should be important to me.

15. Become a more savvy shopper.

16. Save up and buy another lens for my camera (perhaps a more snazzy general zoom lens? I think so.).

17. Stop breaking my wedding ring.

18. Prove once and for all that my school building is haunted (okay, okay, I know I can't do this but dammit, I believe!)

19. Receive a glowing review when the assistant principal reviews my journalism class. (I got a glowing review on my band rehearsal first semester so I'd like to continue that pattern).

20. Continue trying a new recipe every month.

21. Be more open to trying new cuisines. I will not, however, force myself to eat organ meats or sushi. Other than that, I should try it.

(at this point I asked H for help in coming up with goals. His answer? "31lbs for 31! Each pound could be a goal!). Thanks, H. While I would love to lose 31lbs, I don't really want to set that kind of goals for myself. I'm afraid of what the disappointment would do to me.

22. Continue working to be a more stable person, and to keep a hold of my struggle with depression. (someday I might actually write a post on all of that...)

23. Continue to delight in the triumphs and successes of my students. Can you believe that students I taught my first year ever are already in college? That my first editor ever graduates this month? (December 2010). I feel so lucky to get to work with such amazing students...or rather, people. There was a day at the end of the fall semester when I realized that I am loved and appreciated by my students (at least some of them), and it was the most minuscule of things they did to make me realize it. However, it means the world to me that they seek me out in the hallway to talk to me, and make it a point to stand next to me, and want me to stay and talk with them after school. The world.

24. Do more to take care of myself. Get more massages, or haircuts, or take care of my feet more than I normally do. I'm terrible about all of this.

25. Take a vacation, even if it is just a small weekend trip to Dallas. No vacation in 2010 at all sucked!!!

26. Re-invest myself in strength training. I don't know why I quit, really. I was enjoying seeing the strength gains I had made.

27. Actively save money. We don't save nearly enough.

28. Keep a cleaner house, especially my office, which is a mess at the moment.

29. Be less hypercritical of others. I know I said in #4 that I was going to stop coddling people, but sometimes I find that I am overly critical of others, especially my husband. I am also overly critical of myself.

30. Finish the little projects around the house--curtains, hanging things, photos in frames, etc.

31. Continue to enjoy my new found outlook on life. I've noticed in the last year or so that I approach a lot of situations differently, and that I remain more calm about stressful situations, and that I am generally more accepting of my life. I think part of this is that my brain finally grew up (I read an interesting article the other day about brain maturity and how long it really'd be surprised), and so I have finally become the person that I am meant to be. I like this person. I like the no-nonsense, no sugar-coating, honest person that I have become. I like that I don't stress out to the point of anxiety attacks and illness anymore. I think I'm going to like this.

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